How Massage Oil Helps You To Relax And Have Nourishment?

Massage oils are the allies of choice for relaxing and freeing yourself from everyday tensions and even soothing certain ailments.

This is particularly the case with Massage Oil made from virgin vegetable oils or oily macerates and organic essential oils. This association facilitates the penetration of essential oils on the skin and thus reinforces their effectiveness. Depending on the combination, these body oils can relieve heavy legs, firm the skin, or even soften up for physical exertion. In short, they meet everyone’s needs.

100% Natural Oils

For its part, NHVITA offers Massage Oil, 100% of natural origin and containing 99.7% of ingredients from organic farming. The one devoted to “relaxation” consists of vegetable oil of sesame, sweet almond, macadamia, and essential oils of true lavender, sour cherry, Neroli, Litsea, and lemongrass from Java. An association with soothing virtues nourishes the skin and leaves a delicate tangy scent.

The massage oil contains essential oils with energizing and refreshing properties such as peppermint, camphorated rosemary, cypress, Scots pine, and verbena. It is applied in circular movements from the bottom to the top of the legs to stimulate blood circulation and activate venous return.

The NHVITA offers a neutral well-being oil, composed of four vegetable oils (sesame, macadamia, apricot kernels), suitable for sensitive skin. This can be used pure or scented to perform a body massage. It is also a good base for diluting essential oils if you prefer to compose a tailor-made treatment yourself.

Natural massage oil: application

You can apply your natural massage oil after your shower or at any time of the day. The natural massage oil is applied liberally in circular movements. You can use the natural massage oil to relax, hydrate, and reshape yourself.

When it comes to massage, whether it be done at home or in an institute, salon, spa, it is essential to use massage oil. The latter improves the sliding effect, facilitates and fluidifies the movements, but not only since the massage oil will also make the skin softer at the end of the session.

The skin is found nourished and supple. And who says massage also says “special atmosphere,” we opt for relaxing massage oil to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. So to combine the useful with the pleasant, the two criteria to remember are the benefits of the massage oil and the smell which emanates from it. You can buy Massage Oil from a website online.

The different massage techniques offer essential points to our health and well-being. However, if very precise know-how is at the base of all massage techniques, the use of appropriate massage oil reinforces the action of the massage.

Benefits of the Oil Massage 

The benefits of Massage Oil are indeed combined with the virtues of natural massage oil. In addition to the fact that the massage oil will make the movements more fluid, a suitable natural massage oil will hydrate and nourish the skin, improve its elasticity, relieve pain, relax the muscles and help muscle recovery, but also evacuate the skin. Tensions soothe nervousness, help to fall asleep. The massage oils can have different textures and properties depending on their nature and composition.

  • The massage oil is combined with essential oils to benefit from the massage to penetrate well into the skin because they can thus deploy their properties in depth.
  • Thus, we can find relaxing massage oil for tense or stressed bodies, nourishing for fragile skin, energizing or refreshing to revive the muscles and the mind. The massage oil then has many virtues on the one hand. Thanks to its specific composition of massage oil and the presence of active substances it can contain.
  • And last but not least, for a good massage, always favor natural massage oil. The risks of allergy are less than with mineral oils containing paraffin derivatives.
  • The latter must be avoided when applied to oily problematic skin because they are comedogenic and can clog its pores.

The majority of quality natural massage oils are extracted by cold pressing from plants, vegetables, fruits, or nuts, as is the case with the range of relaxing massage oils that NHVITA offers you.

Nothing like an oil massage to relax! The NHVITA of the oil allows accompanying this practice which promotes the well-being and relaxation of the muscles.

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