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  • For males , raising testosterone levels can improve:
  • Strength and Power Gains.
  • Lean Muscle Gains.
  • Energy and Endurance Levels.
  • Post-Workout Recovery
  • Libido
  • Optimising male hormones can be key to promoting overall wellbeing.



Testosterone booster/gokshura Tribulus

Gokshura Tribulus:

One of the Caltrop families of Ayurvedic herbs, Gokshura, is also known as Tribulus Terrestris. ‘Go’ means cow in Sanskrit, and ‘Aakshura’ means foot. Hence the plant’s name is derived from these two words.


Urinary tract infections and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can be treated with Gokshura, also known as Goksuraka or Gokhuri, Gokhuri, Devil’s thorn, Small Caltrop, Gokharu, or Gokhri. Men and women benefit from it in terms of more incredible energy, leaner muscle mass, and, of course, a more robust libido.

Trikanta, or Puncture vine, is the name given to the fruit because it has thorns that are hard enough to puncture a bicycle tire. Diuretic and aphrodisiac properties are derived from the herb’s active ingredients, alkaloids, and phytosterols.


In addition to issues concerning the urinary tract, the use of gokshura may be beneficial for treating conditions such as alopecia, neurological disorders, rheumatic pain, migraines, menstruation, obesity, stress, piles, bedwetting, and eye difficulties.


The alkaloids nor Harman and Harman are the most significant components of Gokshura. Furostanol is a steroidal saponin, as is terrestrosins A and E, flavonoid glycosides, and flavonoids, all of which are present.

About Testosterone booster/Gokshura Tribulus

The caltrop family includes gokshura, a tiny, leafy plant that grows in the southwestern United States. This plant has long been utilized in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to treat various health issues. For example, erectile dysfunction and diseases of the urinary and kidney tracts are on this list. It’s marketed as a testosterone-boosting supplement by companies. Powder, pills, and tablets are all types of gokshura that can be purchased. Tribulus Terrestris is the most popular term given to it by retailers.

Traditionally, men’s health has benefited from gokshura churna, a herbal remedy. For men suffering from various issues related to infertility, including infertility of conception, the churna can stimulate spermatogenesis and treat conditions such as infertility of concept, infertility of conception, infertility of conception, infertility of conception, and infertility of origin (i.e., sperm production).

Its status as a natural antioxidant contributes to increased testosterone and luteinizing hormone synthesis, which is beneficial to the body.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are both conditions that can be treated with this medication in male patients.

Use of Testosterone booster/gokshura Tribulus:

Gokshura is used in India to heal renal and bladder problems and increase sexual desire. Additionally, it was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis/rheumatic pain/headaches/stress/menstruation/weak nerve system/obesity/pilates, and eye disorders in Ayurvedic medicine. Researchers have revealed that this herb contains hypotensive, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, aphrodisiac, and diuretic characteristics.

Another well-known therapeutic herb is gokshura. Among them are:

  • Body building properties
  • Sexually stimulating properties
  • Activity of diuretic
  • Anti-aging
  • Hypotensive
  • Anti-obesity
  • Hair fall prevention properties
Tribulus-body building

Many Tribulus pills are geared toward bulking up the physique. However, it has not been clinically demonstrated to be effective in increasing muscle mass and composition.

Aphrodisiac activity

Gokshura boosts male and female libido. Sperm production and ovulation are aided by it as well. Many Ayurveda medications to treat male and female infertility include this herb as a component.

PCOS and Tribulus

Infertility in women is a leading cause of polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS). Patients who need Tribulus can benefit from its administration.

Gokshura is a natural diuretic; it can help reduce water retention. As a result, the body’s extra water is removed, and the cyst’s size is reduced.

Gokshura has been shown to boost exercise capacity, which means that women will be able to engage in more excellent physical activity, reducing their risk of developing glucose intolerance. Exercise’s role in PCOS therapy is discussed in another article.

In the treatment of diabetes, Tribulus is a crucial ingredient.

Tribulus for weight loss

It’s an effective herb for treating obesity because it’s a natural diuretic and enhances physical stamina.

Benefits of Testosterone booster/Gokshura Tribulus:

There are numerous diseases for which Gokshura is an excellent remedy.

Gokshura’s Benefits for Urinary Tract Infections:
  • Conditions related to the urinary system include urinary incontinence, discomfort, and urine burning, which can be alleviated using the Gokshura Churna.
  • Pain and burning micturition are eased, as is proper urination when the medication is combined with milk.
  • Due to its modest diuretic properties, it helps alleviate the symptoms of dysuria.
  • Several anti-microbial and antibacterial properties help to keep urinary tract infections at bay.
Gokshura’s Advantages for bodybuilding:

Gokshura, when taken at the recommended dosage, offers the body the nutrients and minerals needed to grow healthy muscles.

The following are the benefits of gokshura for kidney function:

Traditional Gokshura churna, which helps remove excess uric acid and regulates the uric acid level in the kidneys, can be used to prevent or treat gout. Gokshura churna also assists in the treatment of gout.

To prevent the formation of kidney stones, as well as to break or reduce their size, Gokshura churna has anti-lithiasis capabilities.

Diabetic symptoms such as frequent urination can be alleviated by using this product because it helps with diabetes management.

Gokshura’s benefits for PCOS include the following:

PCOS is a syndrome that is becoming increasingly common these days. This active diuretic, the Gokshura churna that is consumed regularly, reduces the cyst’s size.

Maintaining hormone levels in the blood, improving female reproductive organs, and developing eggs into follicles are benefits that supplementation can gain.

Why Testosterone booster/Gokshura Tribulus Buy From NH Vita?

There are three essential processes in producing gokshura Tribulus: rigorous supplier selection, in-depth laboratory analyses, and careful attention to the area of origin. Today, a variety of high-quality aroma oils, extracts, and essential oils are produced directly by Nurturing health, thanks to its foresight in searching for natural plant-derived substances and their industrial applications. Additional innovation will be made in changing raw materials into raw materials that may be explicitly used by industry through Nurturing health efforts.

The cosmetic and health care sectors have relied on Nurturing health research and supply of raw materials for many years. Discover new plant species and take advantage of the vast biodiversity of diverse places as part of our search for our natural components. We’ve teamed up with several distilleries to obtain essential oils from the area.

Q 1. Are there any benefits to taking Gokshura for increasing muscle?

One study found that the biologically active chemical components of gokshura, such as alkaloids (saponins) and glycosides, can increase testosterone levels and muscle power. Due to its Guru (heavy) and Vrishya (aphrodisiac) characteristics, Gokshura is a popular supplement for bodybuilders looking to boost their energy and vitality.

Q 2. Is it true that Gokshura aids in the maintenance of normal blood pressure?

Blood pressure can be regulated by Gokshura’s diuretic properties, which assist the body in flush out excess salt and water. Patients with mild to severe hypertension, primarily due to fluid retention, can take Gokshura. Research published recently found that Gokshura also affects blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate variability. Gokshura’s mutral (diuretic) characteristics help lower blood pressure by increasing the amount of urine that is passed and draining the toxins and excess fluid out of the body.

Q 3. Is hair loss a side effect of Gokshura?

You will not lose your hair as a result of taking Gokshura. Gokshura aids in treating PCOS, a prevalent medical ailment that results in hair loss in women. As a result, instead of causing hair loss, Gokshura aids in treating female pattern baldness.

Q 4. Can Gokshura cure erectile dysfunction?

Do you believe that the Guru (heavy) and Vrishya (aphrodisiac) qualities that it possesses contribute to the fact that it helps boost energy, vitality, and penile erections? All combined, it helps to relieve ED-related symptoms.

Q 5. What are the Side Effects of Gokshura?

Gokshura, according to most studies, is safe to take and has no adverse effects. Toxic effects of Gokshura include gastric disturbances and an expansion of the prostate size in men. A qualified Ayurvedic doctor should be sought before adding Gokshura to the regular diet.

People who are allergic to Gokshura may experience allergic reactions such as nausea and skin rashes after taking the supplement.

If you’ve had cancer or breast cancer in the past, you should avoid Gokshura. If you’ve had prostate cancer, you should avoid it.

Q 6. What are some of the preventative steps that ought to be taken about Gokshura?

Before beginning Gokshura treatment, talk to your primary care physician if you suffer from any of these problems.

Using gokshura while pregnant or breastfeeding may be detrimental to the unborn child. It may impair the baby’s growth. Pregnant or lactating women should not consume Gokshura.

In men, gokshura has the potential to make problems worse, including benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and prostate cancer. Early research shows that Gokshura can increase the weight of the prostate.

Gokshura has been found to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Diabetic medications may need to be adjusted as a result.

Blood sugar levels may fluctuate after surgery using Gokshura. This could make it harder to control blood sugar levels during and after the procedure. It’s advised to stop using Gokshura at least two weeks before a surgical procedure to minimize the risk of complications.

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