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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We welcome you to NHVITA Here, you can see how personal information is handled whenever you visit our website and shop on our website. This Privacy Policy relates to processing the information you supply or use to access the NHVITA Site or obtain by using company contacts accessible via the website.

This page explains how you run our website by describing how you process personal data for customers and visitors who visit your site and how it handles the data provided by your stakeholders to your data controllers through this website.

What data are being processed when you visit our website?

  • On our website, the following information may be processed:
  • Type of browser
  • Operating system
  • Date, time, and length of access
  • Partly encrypted IP addresses, as well as pages we’ve accessed on our website, including exit and landing pages
  • Payment information is entered when shopping online
  • Contact details are entered when shopping on the internet.
  • Data entered via a contact form
  • Email address
  • Newsletters are sent out
  • Phone Number
  • Birth Date (for hemp-related products)
  • Purchased products

The processing of these data is justifiable by our legitimate motives for making use of our platform.

Principles of reference

The processing carried out in NHVITA is based on the principles of transparency, suitability use, testing, legality effectiveness, efficiency, data minimization, storage accuracy, integrity, and security.

Who is authorized to process, assume the responsibility and transfer data

The processing of the data collected by NHVITA’sĀ internal personnel will be conducted in compliance with the law applicable to it.

Selected data processors companies may process your information to offer services. e.g.:

  • Accounting or professional, management and taxation, legal technology, finance Consulting firm
  • Professionals or businesses that need to offer services (e.g., hosting providers, postal services, companies, hosting providers)
  • A subject or authority that is used to be used for administrative purposes to meet legal obligations, such as taxation or accounting, or to follow-up on the requests of judicial authorities.

Processing of data, its use, and legal base

The data generated when you access the website:Ā The computers and software processes used to operate this website collect personal information transmitted in the course of using Internet communications protocols in everyday operations. It’s information that’s not used to connect you to an individual stakeholder but can be used to identify you through processing and associating data held by third-party companies. An IP address or the domain of the device which is being used by the user who connects to the website as well as the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the resource requested as well as the time of the request, as well as the method used to make the request. . The server and how big the data that was retrieved from the request, and the numerical code that indicates the state of the response received from the server (success and errors.). The data collected is used to gather anonymous data about the website’s usage and verify its operation. The data is erased immediately after processing.

Information provided voluntarily by the user: NHVITA website uses your data as follows:

  • You can browse, register and buy products and services.
  • If you frequently send newsletters and other promotional materials, be sure to subject them to approvals specific to your company.
  • Provide information on the availability of the items required from the notification service, subject to certain approvals.
  • Personal data storage, including order history, invoices, along with shipping and billing addresses.
  • Let the completion of the purchase agreement and the timely performance of the obligations arising from the agreement (e.g., the delivery).
  • Follow-up on inquiries submitted (such as Customer Service).

The legal basis of this process is the execution of the contractual terms. NHVITA processes user data for only the time; it needs to carry out individual processing to fulfil this requirement. Data collection to fulfil the purposes mentioned above is not required. However, it is necessary to offer this service to receive it; therefore, if you don’t provide the information, you won’t be able to conclude the purchase contract or get an answer to your request.

Suppose you disclose personal information to third parties, such as friends and family members. In that case, it is your responsibility to ensure that the subject matter is appropriately disclosed and consent to the treatment as stated in this policy. The following information will advise our customers that NHVITA will not process any personal data relating to minors. If you go to https://www.nhvita.com/ and access the services offered by NHVITA, then you affirm that you are over the age of legality.

Any information sent to or through the NHVITA Website is secured with encrypted SSL methods. NHVITA does not record or store information about credit cards.

Method of processing and time for data storage

Automated systems process personal data precisely for the amount of time needed to fulfill the intended purpose according to minimizing data processing. Security measures are implemented to safeguard data against loss, unlawful or unauthorized access, and use.

The rights of users of the NHVITA website

  • Get acknowledgment from the data controller that personal information is being processed, and in this instance, you can access your personal information.
  • Find the correct information.
  • Find (forget) the deletion of your personal information.
  • Get treatment limits.
  • Get personal information associated with it is a widely used structured format. Then transfer the information to a different owner (portability)

The user may revoke their consent at any time by writing at NHVITA. It is possible to erase personal information directly within the private section (login is required). Within 30 days after the date of receipt, your personal data will be deleted from the archives. Learn more about the procedure.

This information is subject to change and added as time passes. It is therefore recommended that you review it regularly. We’ll endeavour to notify you of any changes implemented immediately when we are able. We also remind you that you are entitled to make a complaint to an authority that oversees data in the event of a suspected breach of your data and to revoke the consent you have given at any point without any impact on the legality. The procedure is performed before cancellation. You can exercise your right at any time by calling Data Administrator NHVITA.