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Refund Policy

Refund And Cancellation Policies

Our motive is to provide maximum satisfaction with our range of products. Also, we don’t wish any customer to be unhappy with our product and has to cancel or return it. However, the need of our consumers is our priority, so here we have listed the terms and conditions that will assist you and help you avoid any trouble.

We offer a refund for the products under a 30-day purchase tenure. If you purchased any of our products and are under your possession for more than 30 days, it doesn’t fall under a refundable commodity.

It’s a Humble request to ensure that the product is sealed correctly and unused to qualify for a return and easy refund. Also, keep the receipt of payment ready to produce. Failing to do so may lead to a no refund or return.

Only Provisional refunds are applicable for the following situations.

  • The product, the packaging is damaged, or certain items are missing, due to situations which are not our failure or mistake.
  • Any product which has passed the 30 days return period after delivery.

Refund (only if applicable)

If your product has been qualified for a return as per our standard return requirements, the amount will be credited to your source account, of which you will be notified in your email.

If your product doesn’t qualify for the return requirements, it will also be conveyed to you via email.

Didn’t receive a refund?

If your return request is valid and has been notified to you in your email, but the amount has not been credited even after free days, then follow these measures.

  • Contact your credit card service provider.
  • Check your bank account or statements if you have already received the refund.
  • Try contacting your bank. The server issues often lead to transaction disorders; raising concerns at your bank may help you get the refund credited soon.
  • Even after all the above confirmations, you can email us if you haven’t received the refund. We will be pleased to help you.

Sale items (only if applicable)

Please do not expect a return on products purchased under a discount policy; we only refund a regular product. However, broken or damaged products may be replaced after inspection.


Any expense for retrieving the product will be the customer’s liability. The cost of shipping is under the non-refundable category.

We do not confirm the exact date of your return. The time taken for a return will depend upon the place or location you reside. We cannot commit that we will get your returned product.


Cancellation of any products once ordered or submitted on our website is not possible.