NHVITA Shilajit/Shilajeet Capsule

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NHVITA Shilajit/Shilajeet Capsule

  • Shilajit is highly recommended for male dysfunction treatment.
  • It contains all necessary powerful sexual stimulating herbs which altogether improves the body strength & sexuality among men.
  • It is great Ayurvedic remedy for sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.
  • It creates a great sensation in the body which urges men to indulge in sexual activities more frequently and help them to perform well during intercourse.


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Shilajit is highly recommended for male dysfunction treatment. it contains all necessary powerful sexual stimulating herbs which altogether improve the body strength & sexuality among men, it is great Ayurvedic remedy for sexual disorders like erectile dysfuntion, it create a great sensations in the body which urges men to indulge in sexual activites more frequently and help them to perform well during intercourse.


It can function as an antioxidant to improve your body’s immunity and memory, an anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and a diuretic to remove excess fluid from your body. Because of these benefits, shilajit is thought to help counteract many symptoms associated with higher altitudes.


NH Vita Shilajit Capsule is produced by decomposing plant material from species such as Euphorbia,royleana, and Trifolium repens that occurred over many centuries. However, further research has proved that several other plant organisms may generate shilajit.


Some of them are Barbula, Fissidens, Minium, and Thuidium and other species like Asterella, Dumortiera, Marchantia, Pellia, Plagiochasma, and Stephenrencella-Anthoceros.

Benefits of Shilajit:

It is a health rejuvenator that improves sexual problems. It enhances the energy level of our bodies. Shilajit is a mineral-based extract. It contains many essential minerals like copper, silver, zinc, and lead. It is necessary to cure many health problems like diabetes, heart problems, fertility, respiratory problems, etc., and the number of red blood cells or quantity of haemoglobin is decreased.

Further iron deficiency is common anemia during pregnancy or some chronic diseases like cancer. Shilajit contains iron in influent. When any patient with anemia takes shilajit as a supplement in the diet, it increases the quantity of red.

* Benefits of Shilajit for Anti-Anaemia:

Anaemia is a disease in which the blood cells and hemoglobin naturally. So it plays a vital role in managing iron deficiency anemia.

* Benefits of Shilajit for Muscle Fatigue

In a clinical study, it has been observed that Shilajit supplementation is beneficial in improving exercise performance by enhancing fatigue-related metabolic characteristics and increasing muscle mass and strength.

* Benefits of Shilajit for the Heart:

It is also observed that shilajit controls the blood’s cholesterol level. So it showed prominent heart-protective action on the heart against injuries by lessening the harmful effects on heart tissue

* Benefits for the Peoples Living In Hilly Areas:

People who ascend to high altitudes from places of low altitudes face the most common problems like pulmonary oedema and mental depression. The fulvic acid, a component of shilajit, stimulates energy production and blood formation and prevents hypoxia.

* Benefits of Shilajit for Alzheimer’s disease

Fulvic acid found in Shilajit prevents the self-aggregation of tau protein into a filament (a factor involved in the development of Alzheimer’s). So Shilajit is a dietary supplement to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Uses of Shilajit In Different Fields

Shilajit works as an antioxidant to improve human beings’ immune systems and memory. It is also an anti-inflammatory as well as an energy booster. It is also used to remove extra fluid from the human body. Here are described some uses of Shilajit

  •  Used As an Antioxidant: its component, fulvic acid, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, memory enhancing, and anti-Alzheimer properties.
  • Therapeutic uses of Shilajit: Shilajit is also used to treat diabetes, diseases of the urinary tract, tumors, oedema, insanity, and epilepsy.
  • Use InChronic Diseases: It is also used to cure cardio, liver, and asthmatic problems
  • Used In Male Sex Problems: In Ayurveda, Shilajit is used to improve male reproductive disorders.
  • Other Uses of Shilajit: Traditionally, Shilajit has been consumed by the people of north India and Nepal as it originated mostly in this region. It also has been used to treat hemorrhoid kidney stones and anorexia (lack of appetite).
Why We Should Buy Shilajit Capsule From NH VITA Firm:

Many companies sell shilajit Capsule in different forms like powder, tablets, and capsules. In India, so many companies sell shilajit like NH Vita, Dabur, etc. We have learned above in detail about the uses and benefits of shilajit. It also has side effects if we take it in excess or duplicate shilajit. Then it is also harmful to our organs. So, considering the side effects, we should buy the shilajit from a suitable firm. Here are some points clarify that why we should buy shilajit from NH VITA

  • The guarantee of purity: NH VITA gives you a full guarantee of purity. As the shilajit is derived directly under company observations.
  • A firm which deals only health supplements: It is the only firm that deals only with health supplements. So its main concern is about the health of its customers
  • Cheaper Than Other Firm: The company” s the main motto is not to earn money, so it provides at a reasonable price the best shilajit
  • Good Customer Service: it has good customer service day and night, which gives a suggestion, hears complaints of customers, and also provides home delivery.
  • Guidance of The Team Of Experienced Doctors: For any advice or emergency, our firm has arranged a team of expert doctors who will guide the patient when they have need.
Frequently asked questions
Q 1. what does modern science says about shilajit Capsule.

Ans; Modern science says that it is a diet supplement used as an immunity booster and used for the nervous system of human beings. Shilajit Cupsule is safe for long-term uses as a dietary supplement, but it also can cause low blood pressure, etc.

Q 2. Is shilajit has unique color?

Ans: It is mostly found in black or brown color. It is found between the cracks of rocks. It is mostly originated in north India and Nepal.

Q 3. Is shilajit safe to use?

Ans: Make sure you select a supplement from a reputable provider to secure your safety. Instead of being raw or unprocessed, your shilajit should be cleansed and prepared for use. Heavy metals, fungi, bacteria, and other undesired impurities may be present in raw shilajit. 15
Before mixing shilajit with prescription medications or any herb or supplement, speak with your doctor. And stop using right away if you experience any unusual negative effects.

Q 4. How is it purified?

Ans: It is purified in labs with proper hygiene.

Q 5. What does ancient medical science says about Shilajit?

Ans: in ancient medical science, it is the lifeline of Ayurveda. It is used to make ayurvedic medicine. It is most popularly known as ayurvedic medicine.

Directions For Use:

Take once in a day, before or after food or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

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