Why Choose The Natural Skin Oil?

For many of us, the idea of applying oil to our faces is a little strange. Oiling the remainder of the body or getting an oil massage appears more acceptable.

Plant oils make up skin oils, whether in combination or as single ingredients. Many companies make facial oils for specific skin disorders, including additional components to provide other skin nutrition.

Fashion has returned to its natural state. We no longer use chemicals on our faces and hair, instead opting for natural alternatives. You might find new acquaintances necessary for your daily life by applying skin oil.

There are natural products that have been used for decades that we have abandoned in favour of goods that are harmful to our skin and the environment. Today, we’ll take a look at skin oil. Skin oils provide many benefits and are called “Gifts of God.” We’ll give you some.

1. Skin oil can replace day cream.

It is suitable for the skin as it allows for better elasticity. Skin oil is also a natural anti-ageing agent. It is rich in antioxidants and effectively fights skin ageing. Skin oil can not only be used on the face.When used as a cosmetic product, oils should be cold-pressed to not destroy their antioxidants. It is also advisable to choose organic skin oils that maintain the balance of your skin to ensure that you get a good product.

2. Skin oil is healed

For dry skin, cracks, stretch marks, and eczema, skin oil can be used to create excellent means. In the winter, use it as a lip balm. You don’t have to bother about rubbing it on your lips every night. Also, especially if you have a lot of frostbites, remember to apply it to your hands and feet before going to bed. This oil is highly advised for pregnant women to avoid stretch marks on the tummy, upper thighs, and chest. This oil has good healing properties. It can also relieve itching and inflammation of the skin. Skin oils are also very effective in softening scar-damaged skin.

3. Skin oil effectively fights acne

Surprisingly, sebum is difficult to fight acne. It is easy to think that applying oil to oily skin only hurts worse, but thanks to the antioxidant power of sebum, acne-prone skin can be restored without clogging the pores.To treat acne-prone skin, apply a few drops morning and evening to keep your skin clean and tidy.Instead of making an oil mask, add a few drops of NHVITA’s skin oil to your shampoo. You will be surprised by the result: stronger and smoother hair. For those who have been dyed, this oil allows you to preserve the shine of the color of your choice for longer.

Cosmetic oil for use by skin type:

  • If you have normal skin, use thistle oil, shea butter, and other oils that cleanse and moisturize.
  • If you have dry skin, practically any washing oil will suffice; if you have oily or combination skin, look for a formula that contains amino acids to help reduce oil production.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you should choose a gentle formula like olive oil that does not aggravate the problem of irritation.Skin oils with antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral properties are widely used to treat facial skin diseases. It is used to treat yeast infections and minor ailments such as acne and acne. You can buy Essential oil online  from nhvita.com.

Black dots

Acne is associated with excessive sebum production and causes oily skin. This condition, caused by hormones, diet, or environmental factors, is susceptible to skin oils. Acne has the same cause as acne, and tea tree essential oils have a neutralizing effect on this condition.


NHVITA’s Skin oils rich in Monoterpener and Monoterpinol help stimulate the immune system and neutralize localized skin diseases. Skin oil contains 1.8 cineole, an antiviral agent to treat herpes.

Fungal infection

Yeast infections occur in darker areas of oily skin hidden by body clothing. It is the yeast that can be removed with sebum.

The perfect formula to preserve your skin and fight dryness and ageing. You can apply a nourishing and antioxidant skin oil on your skin to moisturize and soften it daily. In the face, it complements or replaces anti-ageing treatments by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity. Perfect as a lip balm to soften and repair cold winter lips.

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