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  • It is considered to be a perfect food that support general health and is rich in enzymes.
  • It is natural source of vitamin & minerals.
  • It boost cellular anti oxidant defenses & supports blood cell formation.
  • It has anti-fatigue properties.
  • It also supports weight management.


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As a supplement to your daily diet, a multivitamin contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. There are various ways to make these preparations available, including tablets, capsules, pastilles, powders, liquids, or Injectable.


According to the vast majority of scientific research, multivitamin pills do not prevent cancer, heart disease, or any other sickness in healthy persons. However, some people may benefit from multivitamin supplements, such as those who are malnourished or at high risk of developing macular degeneration.

The term “multivitamin” has no accepted scientific definition. According to the Food and Drug Board’s tolerated upper intake level guidelines, a multivitamin/mineral supplement contains no more than three vitamins and minerals at a dose that does not raise any safety concerns. This includes herbs, hormones, or medications.

What Is a Multivitamin?

To maintain your body functioning properly, you must consume various vitamins and nutrients daily. It would help if you consumed a healthy, well-balanced diet to achieve this goal. It is terrible that not everyone can get their hands on nutritious food daily. The solution is to take many vitamins. Multivitamins are made by combining the various vitamins that can be found in food as well as other natural sources.

You might not get enough of some vitamins from the food you eat, but taking a multivitamin might help you make up the difference. In addition, multivitamins are frequently used to treat vitamin deficiencies (deficiencies in vitamins), which can be brought on by various situations, including disease, pregnancy, inadequate nutrition, digestive problems, and many more.

Use of Multivitamins

Essential nutrients for optimum health are multivitamins. There is a need for vitamin supplements because our food does not provide all the nutrition we require.

The following is a list of multivitamin and multivitamin pill uses:

  • Vitamin A:  Eye, skin, immune system, and reproductive health depend on vitamin A, which is essential.
  • Vitamin D: Strong bones, muscles, and teeth are all thanks to calcium and phosphorous nutrients. Calcium and phosphorus can be used to their full potential when adequate levels of Vitamin D are present.
  • Vitamin E:  Nerve health and skin and hair health are positively influenced by Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K:  Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and bone health. Vitamin K shortage can lead to bruising and bleeding issues in the body.
  • Vitamin B12: Hair, nails, and skin all benefit from vitamin B12’s presence. Anemia can be prevented by preventing the development of Red Blood Cells. Additionally, this vitamin helps to maintain healthy bones, promotes heart health, and boosts energy levels all at the same time.


Key Ingredients:

  • Gojibery Ext.
  • Acai berry Ext.
  • Seabuckthorn Ext.
  • Ganoderma Ext.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Ext.
  • Green Apple Ext.
  • Black Grape Ext.
  • Ginseng Ext..
Benefits of Multivitamins
Boosts the Body’s Natural Energy

We may get weak and lazy if our bodies don’t meet the nutritional requirements. To help you feel more energized, your doctor may suggest you take daily multivitamin capsules. To maintain your present level of energy and physical fitness, it is essential to eat a healthy diet and take multivitamins regularly.

Increases the body’s ability to fight off disease

The multivitamin capsules are immune-boosting vitamins C, E, and D. Vitamin C, E, and D are all known antioxidants. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, for example, effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions.

Protects the Heart

A healthy heart is critical to the body’s overall well-being. According to many studies, taking high-quality multivitamins may help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Optimum Eye Health Support

As a result of its many benefits, Vitamin A is frequently referred to as an eye vitamin. If you’re concerned about age-related macular degeneration, it can help enhance your vision and lessen the risk of lasting damage. According to one study, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals may help reduce the advancement of macular degeneration in the eye.

Keeps Muscle Mass Strong

Free radicals can harm the body, primarily responsible for the deterioration of muscle mass as we age. Antioxidants, which are found in multivitamins, can neutralize these free radicals. Free radicals can be reduced by taking multivitamins.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Research has shown that daily multivitamin use can lower cancer risk across the board.

Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Specific vitamins and fatty acids can slow or even prevent memory decline. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamin B12 and Ginkgo Biloba can aid in the recovery of brain function.

Stress and depression are lessened.

Supplementing your multivitamin with vitamins and minerals can help alleviate stress and sadness symptoms. Reduced levels of stress hormones can be achieved by taking Vitamin B. Your mood might be improved by getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Helpful for the Skin

Adding vitamins and minerals to your diet is usually good for your skin. Vitamins E and C, two of the skin’s most essential nutrients, are found in these fruits and vegetables. They aid in preserving your skin’s natural oils, preventing dryness.

Good for Healthy Hair

During the colder months, hair maintenance is essential. Your hair’s health may suffer if you don’t get enough of these nutrients, which can harm its overall condition. Using them is a great way to deal with hair loss.

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1. How many multivitamins Supplements should I take?

It would help if you kept to the recommended multivitamin dosage to get the best benefits. Depending on the vitamin solubility, some people may need high amounts, while others need modest quantities. While the urine flushes out water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins collect around the liver. Taking excessive amounts of specific multivitamins can have serious adverse effects. Liver cancer, cirrhosis, and heart disease can occur from toxic mineral buildup. If you’re eating many high-nutrient meals, it’s best to stay away from multivitamins and only take what your doctor says.

2. Who should take a multivitamin Supplements ?

Certain people can’t take multivitamins, notwithstanding their nutritious value. People in these categories will reap the most benefits from taking multivitamins.

  • There is a decline in the ability of the elderly to absorb vitamin B12. They get the calcium and vitamin D they need through multivitamins.
  • Vegetarians may be deficient in zinc, iron, and other vital nutrients.
3. What should I avoid while taking multivitamins Supplements?

Taking multiple multivitamin products simultaneously is not recommended unless your physician specifically instructed you to do so. There is a risk of vitamin overdose or serious adverse effects if you take multiple vitamin products that contain equal amounts of vitamin C. If you take a multivitamin that contains potassium, you should avoid using salt replacements daily. If you are already following a diet low in salt, you should check with your doctor before taking any vitamin or mineral supplement.
Take calcium supplements or antacids that include calcium apart from multivitamins, and do not take them together. If you take calcium pills in addition to your multivitamin, your body may have a more challenging time absorbing some of the elements of the multivitamin.

4. What happens if I overdose?

An excessive amount of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, or vitamin K can have serious adverse effects on the body, including the potential even to be lethal. If you consume an excessive amount of these minerals, you risk experiencing the symptoms of an overdose.

An overdose of the medicine may cause several unpleasant side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, or even constipation. Additional symptoms include a loss of hair, tingling in and around the mouth, changes in menstrual cycles, severe migraines, and weight loss. An overdose may also be characterized by other symptoms such as bleeding or bruising.

5. What is the proper way to take multiple vitamin supplements?

If you are unsure how to use the product, visit your doctor or carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It is not recommended to take a multivitamin in quantity higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Taking multiple multivitamin products simultaneously is not recommended unless your physician specifically instructed you to do so. Suppose you take multiple vitamin products with the same amount of vitamin C. In that case, you risk getting an excessive amount of the vitamin or experiencing severe side effects.

After consuming an excessive amount of minerals, you may experience side effects such as discoloration of the teeth, an increase in the frequency with which you urinate, bleeding from the stomach, an irregular heartbeat, confusion, muscle weakness, or a feeling of being limp. Always double verify the ingredients listed on the packaging of any multivitamin you decide to use.

  • It would help if you chewed the chewable tablet to be able to consume it.
  • Wait until the sublingual tablet is completely dissolved under your tongue before continuing. Chewing or swallowing the sublingual pill in its entirety is not recommended.
  • Be sure to measure the liquid medication very carefully. Obtain a dose-measuring device, or use the syringe provided (not a kitchen spoon).
  • Taking a multivitamin daily will provide the best possible health benefits, so be sure to do so.
  • Make sure that your multivitamins are stored in their original container at all times.
6. Are there any side effects associated with taking many vitamins?

An allergic reaction can be identified by several symptoms, including hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the cheeks, lips, tongue, or neck. If multivitamins are used precisely as directed, there is a low probability that they will cause serious adverse effects. The following is a list of consequences that frequently occur:

  • queasy stomach and throwing up;
  • a painful throbbing sensation; or
  • A sensation in your mouth that is either unusual or unpleasant.

There is a possibility that further unfavorable consequences will manifest.

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